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mega bunker barge Jade

AMS brings theory and practice together

One of our main goal is to act in a team with all the partners on the ships together, to work in a safe way. AMS also moves centrally between all parties involved in an efficient way, which results in long term relationships. We work towards the future where people can deploy themselves and work in a positive environment.

Because of our fleet of 7 inland barges, customers can profit from competitive funding made with our suppliers. That is one of the advantages when AMS gets involved. And there is more. We investigate financial administrations and make choices for your fleet that meets your demands.

Everything we do is custom, before we develop together the final agreements of an contract there will be several meetings to understand what will be the course of our collaboration. In that way there will never be a misunderstanding and we start to relieve customer in a way, that business gets forward and progress will be made.

Long or short term contracts, everything is possible as long there is open transparant communication. Any kind of cooperation is customized.


Summarizing we can say that ship management services consists of:


  •  Crew Management
  •  Change management
  •  Crew training
  •  Fleet Management
  •  Agency
  •  Financial administration
  •  Technical management
  •  Development
  •  Contract negotiations
  •  HSSE